Hydraprog 3s The next level of ECU management

Simple • cost-saving • future-proof

Efficiently bulk-reflashing ECU stock

  • Simple handling, auto-start, no user interaction required.

  • Reliable and safe ECU rework, rule based pre- and post-conditions.

  • Maximum throughput due to independent high performance flashing channels.

  • Flexible scaling and capacity allocation through zero-config networked units.

  • Future-proof modular design. Standard base platform customised by hardware and software modules.

Quality assurance to your standards

Reliable and safe ECU rework

Complex multi-step flash processes can be specified in the configuration data. Preconditions in the configuration data ensure that the correct sequence of actions is carried out for each ECU. Postconditions check the result of the rework. ECU power can be controlled by the flash-configuration e.g. power-cycling to ensure that the flashed ECU boots correctly after the rework.

Several modes of quality assurance can be accommodated easily and according to customer specification (e.g., flashing on 8 Hydraprog 3s units, then re-checking on another Hydraprog 3s unit connected to a label printer with a special configuration and printing a new label for the ECU only when the checks pass). Hydraprog 3s adapts to your custom quality assurance specification.

A Hydraprog 3s unit, showing connection ports on the side and the display screen and status lights on the front.

Flexible architecture

Maximum Throughput with Minimum Personnel

The architecture of Hydraprog 3s is designed for low latency and high throughput operation. The flashing channels operate independently of each other. The ECUs on channels that have completed flashing can be replaced in any order while other channels are still working. Each channel has its own associated set of signal-lights.

Since no other user interaction is necessary, channels can be allocated to operators flexibly. Optimal cost and throughput can be achieved given varying flashing requirements.

Networked Hydraprog 3s devices.

Flexible scaling and capacity allocation

Built to network

Several Hydraprog 3s units can be networked in a daisy-chain resulting in a cluster that behaves like one multi-channel unit. No infrastructure other than network cabling is required. Hydraprog 3s units will network automatically without further configuration. Capacity can be flexibly allocated to flash sites.

If there is an especially high demand for flashing channels (e.g. very long flash-times) channels can further be multiplied by adding up to 4 external flashing gateways per main-unit.

Networked Hydraprog 3s devices.

Future-proof extensibility

Modular design

Hydraprog 3s consists of a standard base-platform that contains all field-bus connections currently in use in the automotive industry. It features software controllable power management of two independently switchable voltages per channel. Voltages can go up to 42 V, therefore already supporting tomorrows ECU requirements. For special customer requirements or future field-bus developments up to 2 extension bays per channel are available. The software architecture enables adding customer specific extensions and will also support future standards for flashing.

Modules can also be added to accommodate other customer specific uses for Hydraprog 3s, e.g. testing or calibration.

Simple traceability

Integrated logging & logistics

There are configurable logging options making it possible to log various information about the ECU (e.g., serial numbers, logistics data, version information). During normal operation flash data and configuration is read from a USB memory-stick and the logs are stored to the USB-memory stick.

When multiple units are networked to a cluster, flash data and configuration are automatically distributed and logging information is collected from the networked devices. It is optionally also possible to write logging information to customer specific logistics databases over the network. Label-printers can be connected to print new labels containing the information in the ECU.

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Support for your needs

We offer several support options with Hydraprog 3s. There is a free 90-day support period after purchase in order to introduce the system. Additional flexible support options can be purchased. Functionality for special rework situations can be added on short notice.

Some examples (all real customer requests we solved in the past):

  • Reading of calibration information from the ECU before flashing and writing it back after flashing.

  • Serial number-dependent EEPROM content written.

  • Read calibration data from EEPROM, add a offset and write the calibration data back.

  • Feature support added for special customer-specific diagnostic jobs.