About Us

Peer originally founded the company in 2000 to provide software consultancy services. Today, Peer Stritzinger GmbH is a leading provider of Erlang solutions for embedded systems. The Stritzinger Flashtool product line, a well-proven ECU update system, is used by various Tier 1 automotive suppliers all over the world.

Leveraging its extensive and extremely positive experience with Erlang in embedded systems, the company is also active in the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 business, as a developer of intelligent industrial control systems.

The founder and his team are pushing the broader adoption of Erlang through presentations at conferences and through the GRiSP project.

Community Memberships

Peer Stritzinger GmbH is proud to be a part of the following organizations:

Our team

Although the company is based in Germany, our developers work from all over the world.