Peer Stritzinger GmbH Software solutions & programmable hardware

Peer Stritzinger GmbH is a leading provider of Erlang solutions for embedded systems, and a developer of intelligent industrial control systems. The Stritzinger Flashtool product line, a well-proven ECU update system is used by various Tier 1 automotive suppliers all over the world.

Wireless embedded systems

GRiSP: A base to build on An Erlang virtual machine on bare-metal board

Create amazing Internet of Things designs without soldering or dropping down to C. Right out of the box, GRiSP-Base boots into Erlang VM running on real bare metal. It features on-board wireless networking 802.11b/g/n WLAN and connectors for standard PMod sensor and actuator modules.

The Grisp motherboard, showing its small form for flexible designs.